Juan Martín has recorded 20 albums, mostly as a composer and many books with cds and dvds for learning the guitar now produced by UMP, Faber and Mel Bay USA.  The most recently published was Essential Flamenco Guitar Volume 2 with Mel Bay (2015) which includes elements of accompanying the dance and song form. His original method book known as the bible of flamenco guitar, “El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra” has just been updated in a new revised edition by UMP (Autumn 2017) and a new transcription of his ‘Rumba Nostálica’ is available from Picado.com

Juan Martín’s first recording was ‘The Exciting Sound of Flamenco’ recorded in 1973 for Decca. (Now  rereleased in a compilation called The Early Years.)   This was followed by ‘The Flamenco Soul of Juan Martin in 1976 also for Decca and ‘Ole Don Juan’ in 1977 for EMI .   Juan then went on to record with orchestra at Abbey Road for EMI and then moved to Polydor for Picasso Portraits.  Serenade, Solo and Painter in Sound were recorded for Warners and Through the Moving Window for BMG before recording excusively for Flamencovision from 1991.  In 2019 Flamencovision released a 4 cd compilation spanning Juan Martín’s recording career from releases in 1974 to 2015 including many tracks from his first recordings never before out on CD or download.

A celebrated virtuoso of the flamenco guitar who has been voted into the top three guitarists in the world by US magazine Guitar Player, Juan Martín is a native of Andalucía, where he still has a home in Málaga.

He spends much time on tour and in London where he has formed an international company, Flamencovision, for the promotion of high quality flamenco which he rehearses and brings direct from Andalucía.

Discography, DVDs and Teaching books:

Currently available: Flamencovision

Guitar Maestro – The Juan Martín Collection: a 4 CD compilation of Juan’s recordings from 1974 to 2015 FV17

Painter in Sound, FV16, available as a download from iTunes featuring Mark Isham on trumpet, keyboards and soprano saxophone

La Guitarra – Mi Vida, FV15

The Early Years, FV14 -In 1976 Juan brought the legendary flamenco singer Rafael Romero ‘El Gallina’ over to London to perform at the Wigmore Hall and the Institute of Contemporary Arts.  Both concerts played to packed houses.   A short recording of 4 pieces was made of Juan accompanying Rafael which has never been released.   These tracks are finally available from Flamencovision as a cd along with the Exciting Sound of Flamenco, his first album, rereleased together as “The Early Years”


Solo, FV12, solo guitar album of Juan Martín compositions ‘09

Serenade FV11, Spanish classics with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. ‘08

Rumbas Originales, FV10 rumba compilation album to be released Autumn ‘06

Live en Directo, FV09, Juan Martín and his flamenco company live on cd 2004

Camino Latino, FV08, Juan Martín with latin artists

Riquezas, FV07, Juan Martín with singer Antonio Aparecida

El Alquimista, FV06, Juan Martín with modern flamenco backing

Arte Flamenco Puro, FV05, Juan Martin and pure flamenco backing

Musica Alhambra, FV04, Juan Martín and the roots of flamenco (oud, tables etc)

Picasso Portraits, FV03, rereleased album (originally on Polydor) with alternative jazz rock backing

Luna Negra, FV02, solo flamenco album

Andalucian Suites, FV01, solo flamenco album

Previous recordings: with other companies:

Through the Moving Window, RCA/BMG US album made with jazz artist Todd Cochran, Mark Isham on soprano sax

Painter in Sound, WEA Europe and BMG in US with Mark Isham on synths and soprano sax

The Solo Album, WEA, solo guitar

Serenade, WEA with Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (UK top ten hit)

Romance, EMI with orchestra

Olé Don Juan – Flamenco en Andalucia, EMI solo flamenco album

The Flamenco Soul of Juan Martín, Decca, solo flamenco album

The Exciting Sound of Flamenco,Argo/Decca, solo flamenco album

 Current DVDs

Juan Martín and his Flamenco Dance Ensemble, Live in London

DVD: Juan Martín and his flamenco dance company Live in Istanbul

released by Mel Bay 2009

DVD: The Four Martins, P3 Music, with Martin Taylor, Martin Carthy and Martin Simpson

DVD: Juan Martín and his Flamenco Dance Company live at the Barbican released in 2010


Guitar music books and DVDs for learning:

Guitar Method: El Arte Flamenco de la Guitarra with cd, UMP, London, now in a new edition:

El Arte de la Guitarra Flamenca

Andalucian Suites No 1, music transcription with cd Mel Bay 2009

Guitar Solos, 12 solos from Serenade to be released by Mel Bay 2009

The Exiting Sound of Flamenco, volumes 1 and 2, music transcription

La Guitarra Flamenca, 2 DVDs with 1 large music transcription book. Three hours of music (Alfred.com USA/Canada/S America and Faber Music Europe and SE Asia and Australasia)

Play Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martín, Solos Flamencos grades 0 to 5, book,CD and DVD, Mel Bay, USA

Solos Flamencos Volume 1

Play Flamenco Guitar with Juan Martín, Solos Flamencos grades 6 to 8 with book, CD and DVD, Mel Bay USA

Solos Flamencos Volume 2

The Essential Flamenco Guitar volume one, Mel Bay (Published 2013)

The Essential Flamenco Guitar volumes two, Mel Bay, 2015 USA.

 Transcriptions for downloading:

‘Rumba Nostálgica’ is now available through Picado.com