Juan Martín Flamenco Dance Ensemble Live in London

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live_londonThis double DVD was filmed at the Barbican in May 2009.

Flamenco guitar legend Juan Martin and his Ensemble here stunningly capture in the pinpoint clarity of HDV the electrifying rhythms of guitar, dancer’s footwork, the yearning melodies of singer and woodwind and combine them in a kaleidoscope of brilliant colour that brings London’s Barbican audience to their feet.

Juan Martín and his sextet have committed to film the elusive and spontaneous art of flamenco “duende” music and dance. Besides excitement, there is much subtlety in the playing, sensuality in the dance and amazing virtuosity by each individual of the group. Juan Martín himself introduces each number briefly and articulately takes us through this journey of the art from its Moorish roots through to state of the art jazz inflected numbers of today’s vanguard.

DVD Live in London
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Thanks to our photographer Suzan Felton

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