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directo_cdIn the Autumn of 2003 virtuoso guitar legend and composer Juan Martín toured the UK with his flamenco company.  His five star review in the Independent of his concert at the Barbican Hall  spoke volumes about his sheer quality:

“Over at the Barbican Juan Martín reminded us of the power and beauty of flamenco pure and simple.  No meretricious stage tricks, not a trace of hamming, just one long enthralling sequence of instrumental solos, songs and dances by his brilliant troupe.” Independent 4.11.03 – Five star review.

For the release of his latest album ‘Live, En Directo’, a double CD recorded live in a single take, in a single concert during that tour, Juan Martín captures the electrifying essence of ‘going for broke flamenco’ – something impossible to achieve in a studio.

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Live en directo
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